Thursday,18 September, 2014

Merit List- Bolan Medical College Entry Test 2013-14

2 2a 2b 3 3a 3b 4 4a 4b 4c 5 5a 6 7

8 8a 10 15BMC (1) BMC (2) BMC (3) BMC (4) BMC (5) BMC (6) BMC (7) BMC (8) BMC (9)


  1. congratulation to All but where is district Kalat list

  2. where is quetta urban merit list?? plz upload it fastly

  3. Yar u people didn’t posted the result of Kalat district?

  4. plz posted the result of ziarat district

  5. please update the result of killa abdullah

  6. merit list of distt WASHUK is still missing ??????????

  7. update killa abdullah district merit list……………….

  8. plz kindly post bds list i can’t find wether im selected or not

  9. Merit list for Lasbela Disst. is missing ………plz. update

  10. plz upload the list of category (b)elicets plz….

  11. sir punjab walon ki list k lagy ge

  12. Sir! admission kb se start honge

  13. ye final list hai interview k baad?

  14. hw can apply punjab students in bolan mwdical colg

    tll fast plz

  15. Aoa.. sir punjab k students aply kr sktey hen?admision kb sy start ho rahy hen.!!!!

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